Thursday, September 5, 2013

CCM (MTC) Splits with Field Missionaries . . .

September 5, 2013

Dear Family,

I am so sorry that my email fue horrible esta semana . . . El laboratorio fue occupado por todo el tiempo. (Sorry that my email was so horrible this week, the lab was full the whole time.) It is a big issue here, because no one is obediente to the rules, especially email time and laundry time. Also, I'm sorry but I keep writing in Spanish! I don't even notice until after I have finished writing! Anyway, since we last talked, I was able to receive the package! The flashdrive has been lost in transfer and I never saw it. But oh well, the pictures are replaceable. I will be sending home a picture disk when I leave the MTC.

Last Friday, I was able to go on splits with the missionaries in the field! It was a great experience. I bore testimony, prayed, taught, and gave the baptismal invitacion, all from memory! It was an amazing experience! Also, the city is so cool! There is much to see and do, and many people to talk to! I have also purchased a tie for Dad, Sean, Parker, and Dylan from the DR. They are handmade! I bought Mom a shirt because she doesn't wear ties! When I figure out how to send a package, I will send one!

Back to splits . . . A man came to me while I was on the metro, and asked if I spoke English. I said yes, and he says to me, "Tell me everything you know about your church before I get off the Metro." The Metro is the subway by the way. In the 25 minutes we were on the train, I frantically tried to explain everything I knew, premortal life, creation, agency and the fall, earthly life, Christ's ministry, atonement, Christ's death and resurrection, apostasy, restoration, Joseph Smith, Book of Mormon, Sabbath Day, Word of Wisdom, etc. He wanted to know more, so I gave him the number to the Mission Home and him to call them to get other missionaries there. It was an AMAZING EXPERIENCE!

I am excited to be leaving to the field on September 10, 2013. I am nervous, but I feel prepared! I cannot wait to continue my service to the Lord!

Questions in Spanish! (Please respond in Spanish in emails):
-- Como esta futbol americano por, Dylan?
-- Cual es su clase favorita, Parker?
-- Tiene mucho asignaciones en su trabajo, Mom?
-- Ha ejercido cada dia, Dad?

Estas preguntas en mis cartas pueden ayudarles a aprender y entender espanol. Si ustedes aprenden espanol, lo bendicira sus vidas diariaments. Siento benolcido que tengo la oportunidad a aprendes espanol!

Love Your Son and Brother,
Elder Garrett McEwan

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