Thursday, September 12, 2013

Humbleness of First Area . . .

September 12, 2013

Dear Family,

Well, I am in the field! It has been so great. My companion's name is Elder Galindo. He is 19 years old and from Mexico. I live in an area call Los Girasoles. It is a very cool place. There is no carpet on the floors, but it has nice tile. There is a toilet, a washing machine, a shower, and electricity. However, the toilet doesn't flush well, the washing machine is broken, we can't take an actual shower, and the power is off from 8 am until midnight. Let me explain the shower situation. We have a limited use of the water every week, and when it's gone, it's gone. It is not much water at all, and it is our sink water, toilet, shower, and washing machine water. So when I shower, it is like a bucket shower; I use enough water to be wet, wash everything, then rinse off. The End. it's not bad here though. We have a small gas stove and fridge/freezer. I work out everyday at 6, and it is cool!

Anyway, we have some really good investigators!!! One guy name Dominguito is ready to be baptized, but he has to be married to his wife first. He wants to get married but his wife is unsure. People here just don't care about marriage much. We are hoping that they will be married, because then both of them will be baptized.

We also have a girl named Jordania. Her mother is a member. She is progressing well, and is reading the Book of Mormon. We are hoping that she will come to church, because then she will feel the Spirit and know that what she is learning is true.

I love you guys so much! Hope everything is well!

Elder Garrett McEwan

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