Monday, September 16, 2013

First Letter/Email from the "Field" . . .

What a great day! It seems like we have been waiting forever to hear from Garrett. We've been "stalking" the computer all day. Then, I leave to take the other boys to their activities and come home to great news waiting for me :).
Dear Family,

Sounds like you guys have been having a very good week!!  I am so glad that you have been enjoing your work!! and i am sorry for the bad spelling and punctuation, but the key board is in spanish, so it
doesn´t work well!! The computers... are not the same as the USA...  They are slow, bad connection, and don´t work!!  But thank you for the emails!!  It is they high light of my week to read about everything that you are doing!!  I love you guys so much!!! 

I have been doing so well!!  The Lord has been kind to me, and has allowed me to understand much  about the language and the culture and the people.  I am learning fast here!!

So anyway, much companion is named Elder Galindo.  He is from Mexico, but was raised in texas.  He is really cool, and likes to work hard!! He has been on his mission for 5 months, and I am his second companion.  Kind of a cool thing for me, cuz he seems like he has been here for a long time!!  My room mates are Elder Thomas (Wyatt Thomas) and he is from Genola.  He is friends with Thomas Oldham, which is really cool.  He has been here for 21 months.  His companion is Elder Pedersen from orem, who went to the CCM with me.

We have been doing really well!!  We started from zero investigators when I first got here,  and we now have 6 who are progressing towards baptism, and 2 that have a baptismal date of october 6!!  That is a cool story, because I was the one who invited them to be baptized.  We were sharing witht them the doctrine of christ in 3 nephi 11,  and also about the tree of life in 1 nephi 8.  They fit well because they say that the only way to be saved by baptism and belief, and that god wants us all to recieve these blessings.  I felt like they were ready, and asked Galindo about it.  He said that they had tried to commit them, but they said no.  I felt a prompting again that they were ready, and so I began to ask them.  Before I could finish, they were both saying SI, SI!!  SO cool!!  The husband was crying and the wife was laughing hard.  They´re names are Dominguito and Raquel.

So my house is nice, except that we have no power ever!!  The people here steal the power by using their own cords to the power poles, so the government shuts is off!!  Crazy, I know, but it´s life.  I have a complete list is a letter I sent today, so hopefully you get it soon!!

I bought groceries today, and It was awesome!! I bought a ton of food, and budgeted well!!  Spent 2000 pesos on food, and I have about 1200 left for next week, but i bought food for 2 weeks, so the rest is for transportation and little snacks!!

Love you Forever, love you for always,
Elder Garrett McEwan

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