Monday, September 23, 2013

A Week Full of Challenges and Experiences . . .

What an exciting week in the life of Elder McEwan! I don't know what it is about our Elders and cameras though . . . Such experiences he is having. We're so grateful for the strength that prayer and faith give each of us to know that he is where he is needed to help build the kingdom of God and that our Heavenly Father will protects him and keeps him safe :).

Dear Family & Friends,

This week was a little rough...  The zipper on my back pack got stuck while I was running to an appointment, and ripped, spilling my things every where.  It was 9 o clock at night, and super dark. My camera fell out and was lost.  My scriptures got ripped.  All of my stuff is super dirty. I am sorry I lost the camera.

As far as the teaching goes, it has kinda been a little hit and miss. We have a family of women, all related to each other, that we are teaching that are super good.  They understand the Book of Mormon to be the word of God, and that it is about the inhabitants of the Americas.  They are very open to the Gospel, and are keeping their reading commitments.  I think that they´re name is the Suarez Family.

We also have a man named Beriguete.  He is a very humble man.  He has a baptismal date of the last week of October.  He can´t read, so that has been a struggle to teach him, but he has a strong desire to be baptized.  He told us that he knows that we teach the words of God, and that he must follow us.  SO awesome!!!

The rest of our families are a little stagnant right now.  We had to drop several families because they were not progressing or keeping their commitments.  The law of chastity is usually what gets people here.  They have these young women called frecas, and they are just women with very loose standards.... That is most of the women here. But we do our best!

I am glad that you guys are all doing so well!!  Pork, are you making a lot of money working for Matt!  Are you keeping our family name proud as Umpires!  Dylan, I am glad you are doing so well at football!!  You are awesome!!  Dad, I am glad that you have had the opportunity to progress in your job!!  Mom, that is so cool that you are in charge of the cupcake club! :)

So today on P Day, we got to go to the Botanical Gardens!!  It was really cool!  There is a museum, and a train, and giant turtles!!  I caught a turtle, but no one was able to get a picture!!!  Then we had a picnic!!

The fruits and vegetables here are a little sketchy,  but we are able to get bananas, mangos, potatoes, avocados, and tomatoes.  The avocados are the best!!  They are as big as your head!!  SO good!!

Also, just so you know, we witnessed a murder!  These guys came and shot a guy off his motorcyle, then took off!! Then a group of guys came by with machetes to try to kill those guys!! SO crazy!!  But we are fine, we are protected, and the gansters here love us!  So don´t be worried, but just wanted you to know!!  Mom, you don´t need to call the mission president or anything, just wanted you to know!!!

Also, about the Primary Program, it was last week!!  The kids sang, and bore their testimonies.  There are about 60 kids in the Primary, so that was cool. The songs are better in english though for the most part, because the spanish is a literal translation!

Any way, just wanted to let you know that I am doing well out here!! I hope that you have received my letters, as well as the post cards. How is sean doing!  I haven´t heard from him in a while!

I love you guys so much!  I will talk to you next Monday!!


Elder Garrett McEwan

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