Monday, January 27, 2014

The Church IS True . . .

Me and Elder Fallentine before the baptisms
January 27, 2014

Dear Family,

I love you so much!!  It seriously means so much to me to get all of the emails during the week!! Nice to know exactly what is going on back in the good old USA!!

So the baptism was amazing!!  THe people got there, had their interview, and Elder Pedersen said that they all did really well!! Knew all of the questions and answers, and that they were really prepared!!  So that made me really happy!!!  Then we
Ismairi's Baptism -- January 25, 2014
just got to sit and talk to them for a while, and they were so greatful, and kept thanking me for bringing them the gospel!!  I was so grateful for the opportunity to know Danils, Carolina, Crismaldi, y Brian, and I will never forget them!!  I was also asked by a little girl in the ward to baptize her, name Ismairi.  Found out that she was getting baptized as well that day!!  SO we had five baptisms in one day, and that was really really cool!!!
Baptism of Danilsa, Carolina, Crismaldi, and Brian
January 25, 2014

So we have some really cool new investigators, and also some sad news as well.

The sad news is that we had to drop Enmanuel.  It has been ten weeks since he last came to church, and so that is a bad sign.  He is just not willing to live the rules of the church, so we had to drop him. Very sad, but hopefully one day he will be able to recieve the ordinance of baptism!

The new people are two men.  They are not related in any way to each other, but are very similar.  One is named Manuel.  He is very smart.  He has read the whole Bible threee times, the Book Of Mormon is now next on the list.  He also has somehow read Jesus the Christ, so that is really cool.  He has a fecha for the 22 of February, so that is really cool!!  He has been to church twice, and even goes to the Priesthood meetings on Friday nights, so that is really cool!!

Next is a man named Ludwig.  He knows English really well, and talked a lot about his dreams and what he wants from life.  He said that he used to go to the Catholic church with his grandma, but he said that when he got there, they did everything in contrary to the Bible, so he did not believe it!!  We had a really good discussion!!  He had a little bit of a problem with Joseph Smith seeing God, so I wove a little spider web of analysis for him, because he said that he likes to analyze things very thoroughly.

I said that if Joseph Smith did not see God, then he was not a prophet.  If he was not a prophet, then the Book of Mormon was false. If he was not a prophet, then there was no prophet in the world that is specifically called by the title  of PROPHET.  If there is no prophet in the world, then the scripture that says that God will do nothing, save be it by the mouth of his prophets, was a false scripture.  If that scripture is false, then that means that the Bible is false.  If the bible is false, then that means that the people who wrote the Bible were not prophets either.  If they were not prophets, then God was not talking to anyone in the world.  If God wasn´t talking, He would be an impartial God, therefore making Him imperfect, meaning that He would cease to be God.  If God didn´t exist, then neither would we.  It really confounded him, and it made him stop and think, and then say,  "I need to ask God about this!"  and I said that is exactly what he needed to do!!

Brian wanted to try out my camera :)

Well, that is about all for the week!!  I am going to try to send some pictures right now too!!!

I love you!!
Elder Garrett McEwan

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