Monday, January 13, 2014

Blessings of the Power of the Priesthood . . .

January 13, 2014

Dear Family,

Congratulations on all the successes of the last week, what with all the basketball games, clubs, callings, and all of that fun stuff!!! It is really good that you guys are all reading in the Book of Mormon so much!! I restarted, like I told you on Christmas, and I am now in alma 5!! Such a great experience!! I am so glad that you guys get to go to the temple!!

I have not yet recieved your letters, but the office elders get the mail to us, so we will see!!!

So this week was kind of funny. We have been finding lots of baseball players around, so naturally we stop and throw with them a bit. Everyone keeps asking if I am signed, and that I am like a big leaguer that is just here on vacation or something! I tell them no, and they say, "Tienes que firmar". Haha so that is funny. I was also offered steroids by a group of 21 year olds, so that is proof that lots of the players here do steroids haha. We also went and played this morning with these kids that are going to sign with the MLB in like a month, and I did really well. Their coach told us to come every Monday to play, because he wants me to sign too. Super funny, but the other missionaries will now have the opportunity to teach him.

So Danilsa and her family are doing really well!! We will hopefully be presenting them in church next week, and then they will get baptized the week after that!! It has been so awesome to teach them, they really do feel like part of my family!! Danilsa even introduces me to her friends as a family member, so that is really humbling to see the impact that the gospel can have on a person that they can recognize that we are all brothers and sisters.

Enmanuel is doing well. He is a very funny, but a very selfless man. He is saving his tithing for when he gets baptized!! He has more tithing that most of the ward pays in 3 months, so that is really cool!! He is very giving!!!

We also have found the Vasquez Family, very charitable people!! All they need to do is go to church!! We have a lesson with them tonight, so we will see how that goes!! Their son really likes chess, called ajedrez here!! SO cool to watch how he plays, because he does it competitively!!
I had the opportunity to heal a man from epilepsy!! He was walking in the road and I said hi to him. He was walking with a cane, and couldn’t speak. The only thing that I could understand is that he had been looking for us. We went to his house, and taught him a little bit. I had a really strong feeling that he needed a blessing and that he would be receptive of it. Like I said he could not speak, and he could not hardly walk. I helped my companion with the annointing, then I gave the blessing. About halfway through the blessing he put his hands over his face. I finished the blessing, and he kept his hands over his face for about fifteen more minutes while we talked to his mom! Then I asked him something, and his took his hands off his face, looked at me, and spoke perfectly clear. He stood up, and walked us to the door, just perfectly fine. WE saw him the next day too, and he was walking to a store to buy something. The power of the priesthood is so great, and the miracles that it can work is even greater. What an opportunity that I have to hold Gods power!!

Well, that was the week!! Had someone throw a rock at me, but just shrugged it off!! Just the life of a missionary!! I hope all is well back home, and I hope to here from you guys soon!!
I did get Aunt Libby's package, and I am in the process of getting letters to everyone!! I am trying to do hand written letters, so it is taking a while to write them all!

Love you all!!

Elder Garrett McEwan

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