Monday, July 28, 2014

Continuing to Grow Through Opportunities . . .

July 28, 2014

Dear Family,

Wow, it sounds like you guys are all doing great, having so much fun in life and all of that!!  i am so glad that you were all able to enjoy your 24th of July!!

So this week was a pretty normal week, but there were some really great things that happened as well!!  I got you package today and we opened it.  I baked the cake, and now we are just going to frost it and eat it when we get home in the night!!  I love the package by the way...  A birthday party in a box!!  We put up the sign, and ate the wonka candy and introduced my companions to starbusts....  They were super hesitant at first, because they have never eaten them before, but they loved it!!  We are going to have a good old party tonight, kind of like a second birthday for me!!  I will send you lots of pictures next week of the party!!

So this week we were really focused on the priesthood.  A recent convert of Elder Dabady wanted to receive the priesthood, so we have been helping him. He received the priesthood yesterday, and that was really awesome!! His name is Hector Manaurys, and he is a man that was in the lowest place that anyone could ever be in life, and he is now one of the strongest members of the branch!!  He is 21 years old, and told us that he would like to serve a mission, so we have been teaching about mission work,, and he is now starting to go out with us to teach.  He actually teaches the people!! It is really awesome to see how strong his testimony is!!

We also have been working with a lady named Maria Isabel.  She is also a recent convert and she has been helping us with a bunch of her neighbors, family, and friends that want to know more about the church!!  She is the daughter in law of Feyo, and she has helped us a ton, and she is a really strong convert!!

Anyway, this week in church we had 7 investigators, five of them with baptismal fechas!  They are progressing really well to their baptism!!  

So Feyo is doing amazing.  He is progressing well, and we talked to him a lot about the restoration of the priesthood!!  He understood really well, and then got all choked up when we started talking about baptism, asking me to baptize him!!  He still has over a month to prepare, but it was amazing to see his conviction to be baptized!!  He is an amazing man, and he is someone that definately has helped my perspective of the gospel. He can´t understand a whole lot because he is old, but he is some one that you can tell that he FEELS that the gospel is true, and for that it has been great to see his progression. The lord really does work hard with his spirit, and teaches to the hearts of his children!!

Mery also came to church, and came early!!  She has the challenge of her two small children, but she is really showing how much she wants to change her life!!  She is so cool!!  She even sings hymns to her children at night like lullabyes!!  She is doing really well, and she is right now learning about the plan of salvation!!  

Alexis is getting better in his family relations, and is continueing to try to get to his baptismal date.  He told us that he would do anything to change his life, and that he is trying!!  It is always fun to talk to him.  He is basically a member, he just needs to get baptized!!  Any way, he has all of the lessons, so we just go talk to him and make sure he is staying strong!!  He asks us lots of questions, questions that won't help him in his salvation but that are interesting to learn about.  Like our Heavenly Mother for example.  He heard that in church about a month ago, and it has not left his mind since!! We talked a bunch and helped him out, and just talked about some fun doctrinal stuff like that!!

Nayeli, in las Charcas, has really changed alot.  At first she was super shy and did not want to express anything, and now she is really opening up, and in one of the lessons I just would ask her a short question and then just listen and let her talk to be able to express herself!!  It really is amazing to see how well she is progressing towards her baptism!!

SO on Sunday we had a harvest in Las Charcas.  There are over 230 baptized members, and only 15 go to church, so we wanted to go find these people!!  We set out with big goals, big hopes, and big dreams of contacting everyone....  and we were only able to contact 4.  But that is ok, the lord knows the intentions of our hearts, and led us to the four people most likely to come back in this time!!  It was a great experience!ª

I also had the opportunity to do a baptismal interview of a girl name Paola! She was really smart, and loves the church.  She has a strong testimony, and she has changed her whole life.  She said that she has tons of friends in the church, so that was good to hear, to know that she is going to stay strong!! We talked for a while about all of the lessons, and the covenant that she was going to make, and then we both decided that she was ready!! She is going to be baptized this saturday!!

So that is about all for the week, here´s to hoping that I can send you all the pictures that I am taking!!  Love you all!!

Elder Garrett McEwan

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