Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Birthday Celebration & Inviting the World . . .

So grateful for wonderful people all over the world who take care of our children when they are far away from home ~ especially on their birthday! So thankful Elder McEwan now has a Domincan family to celebrate his birthday with :).

July 14, 2014

Dear Family,

Wow, sounds like you all are doing so great!!  I am glad to hear that you are all working, excercising, and overall making yourselves better!!  That is something that I have learned in the mission to this point, is that the progressing is the key.  If we don´t have progressino, we have regression to what we were before, and God wants all of us to change, to become better, and to arrive at our potential as his sons and daughters!!

Everyone at the PARTY!
So this week was full of good experiences!! Wednesday we had a district meeting.  The hermanas in the district cooked my favorite food with out even knowing it, and then we ate a chocolate banana cake that I made! It was really good!! Then we went out to work!! We worked super super hard!! Then we went to a family home evening that actually turned out to be a surprise party for me!! They really did surprise me, giving me a watch, habichuelas con dulce, and playing charades!! It really was a great day!!

This week we have been working like machines, inviting the whole world to be baptized!!  right now we have 11 people that are preparing to get baptized!!  We also had a ton of people in church!!  We had over 20 as a district, and lots of them have fechas!!  We are so pumped!!  It is amazing to see the change that people can effect in their own lives!!  I really am super priviledged to be able to help these people come unto Christ.  Their is no better work than mission work, the work of savation. No better place to be!!
Our class of investigators -- WOW!

So Alexis came to churhc this week!! We recieved the good news that his divorce came through...The bad news is that he needs to pay 200 euros to be able to make it valid here in the DR!!  That is more than 300 dollars!! We are going to visit him tomorrow to put a plan to help him be able to pay for this!! We also had a great FHE with him last week about the importance of respect in the home and family, it really impacted him a lot!!

Egging the Birthday Elder :)
So Edailyn and Guario just had their fechas moved, they went to the capital to pass their vaction time until the 10th of august so they are going to be baptized on the 13th of september.

Mery came to church this week with her two little boys!! She is so freaking awesome!! She has a himn book, and she sings hymns all the time to her kids!! She now has 4 times in church and is preparing to be baptized in Septermber!!

Today we decided to be lawyers and go to the capital to help Hermano Taga with his paper work. We woke up at 4, went and got an origina birth certificate, then went to the capital. We have been running non stop all day!! It was really hard, but we made really good progress!! WE have the papers to change everything, but we need to go to the supreme the east mission, and he has to be with us!! At least we know how to move on!ª! Contacted a ton of people and learned a lot about this type of stuff!!

I love you all!! Elder Gallo is great, I will be his last comp. It rained here twice, pretty hard, and other than that it has been really hot!! I hope you are all great!!

I love yoU!!

Elder Garrett McEwan

P.S. There is a latin tradition to through eggs at the birthday person in their party....but I had my revenge when I gave them all a big group hug!!!

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