Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Planting Seeds in La Altagracia . . .

June 16, 2014

Dear Family,

Wow, sounds like all of you guys are doing so great!! It is always nice to get a nice email saying that all of you  are alive and well, and that everything is still in order back home!!  It sounds like you are all progressing so well, and that life is just treating you amazing!!  

Public transportation contacting :)
So this week, Elder Wassum and I really went hard on the contacting, contacting for about 2 hours a day!! It was long, it was tiring, and it was very unsuccessful!!  We are trying to catch what the president is calling ¨The Fever¨, which is just saying that we are going to have the contacting fever.  We are doing our best!!  We have talked to many people, and we are planting many seeds as we try to further the work here in La Altagracia.

So this week, we were able to put a fecha to be baptized with a girl named Erika, a 19 year old that we have been teaching for a while.  We felt like she was ready, and we wanted to extend this commitment to her.  We were a little unsure of when she should be baptized, so we sought the guidance of the Spirit and decided to extend the commitment for the 9th of August.... Turns out that that date will be here 20th birthday!!  The Lord works in mysterious ways, and it was amazing to be able to put a huge commitment like baptism on her birthday!!

We also recieved two references this week, one of a kid named Carlos and the other is a kid named Ambiorys, as well as their two families.  They are both 16, and they asked the Young Men's president here in the branch how they could get in contact with us as the missionaries to start learning.  We have taught them one time, and when Carlos prayed, he did it perfectly, so assuredly.  That is going to be fun to teach them!!

So I was able to go on one last intercambio with Elder Pedersen this week because Connell was sick.  It was a lot of fun working with him.  It is going to be hard not living in the same house as him anymore, and it will take some getting used to, but we will keep in touch!!

Probably the last time at Sweet Frog
Yupp, I said it, I am getting transferred!  They told us on Saturday night, and we will find out where I am going tonight at about 9 o clock.  It has been rough not knowing, but I do know that the Lord has His plan for me, and all that I have to do is follow it!!

So on Sunday, Elder Zivic came to our ward.  He is in the first quorum of the 70, so it was great to have him there.  He spoke to us about tithing and fast offerings!!  Also, the attendance in church was better than ever!!

So I got one letter from Dylan, and it was from a while ago!?  Sometimes the letter system is really messed up and takes forever, but don{t worry, they get here eventually!!

So now for a surprise......  I know how to play the guitar now!!  I bought one about a month ago, and I told myself that I wasn{t going to tell you guys until I knew how to play it well!!  Well, th
Playing my Guitar!
e day has arrived, and I am telling you!!  I know how to play a couple of hymns (God Speed the Right,  Venid a Mi,  God be with you til we Meet again)  as well as a couple of other ones, such as 15 by Taylor Swift,  I wont Give up by Jason Mraz, Wipe out,  Follow me by Unkle Kracker, and All of you by John Legend!!  So surprise, new talent that I picked up on the mission!!

I love you all so much, and I can{t wait to here from you guys next week!!

Elder Garrett McEwan

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