Monday, June 9, 2014

Hitting it with the "Finding Fever" . . .

June 9, 2014
Memorial Plaque when the D.R. was dedicated
for missionary work by Elder Ballard

Dear Family,

Elder Wassum is finally better, and we are going to hit it hard tomorrow, with the ´´Finding Fever´´ that our new president has implemented for the mission.  The goal is to contact and find as many people and families as possible, teach them, and help them into salvation and integrate themselves in the ward.  We asked the President´s Wife for a book to learn french, she told us that she is going to check up on that!! The investigators are all doing well, but they are not going to church.  We had a couple people with baptismal dates, but they have all fallen.  It has been a little trying because we haven´t been able to leave, so we haven´t been able to give them the needed follow up to help them progress, but I am hoping that we can help them this week, as well as find new people to teach!!

The Cave
So this week has been another week full of sitting in the house!!  I have been able to go on a few intercambios with the other elders in my house!  It is always interesting to see how other people work, teach, contact, and just overall how other people are!!  It was really fun though!  Lots of the people thought that I was from Cuba though, they said my accent is Cuban?  I have never heard a Cuban speak before, so hopefully that is a good thing!!  But we went on a few intercambios, tried to have our ward mission activity, and no one came, the computer wasn´t working, so it was all just a little disorganized!! But we were ok!ª

INSIDE the Cave
So we as the missionaries are all singing in the ward choir in church next week because a member of the first quorum of the seventy is coming.  His name is Elder Zivic, and he is from Argentina.  He is part of the area presidency of the carribbean, and he actually spoke in conference in april.  He is a really cool guy, and he is coming to our little branch!!  Hopefully everything goes well!!  We are singing  ´´God speed the right´´, which I had totally forgotten the name of that song in english!!  I basically forgot all of the hymns in english!!

Our Zone with President Nuckols at the dedication site
Today we had a multizone activity, and we went to a big field to play games!!  It was really fun!ª!  There was an  underground cave as well as the memorial site where the DR was dedicated for the church to start mission work here.  It was overall a really great day, even though we all got sunburned!!

The yard at home is looking different with all of the rocks. Hopefully less work for weeding. I love the flags on the front of the house. We are officially a triple nationality family :).

I love you all so much, and hope that life keeps treating you well!!  I love you!

Some of our Zone
Elder Garrett McEwan

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