Monday, February 24, 2014

Received the "Transfer" Call . . .

What an amazing experience to be the parent of a missionary! I can't imagine a better way for my boys to learn and grow spiritually as well as learn how to be on their own. Even though it is hard at times, all of the GOOD outweighs the hard by a ton. I absolutely LOVE this boy!!!!

Me and La Meya ~ She cooked for us EVERY P-day
in Los Girasoles
February 24, 2014

Dear Family,

Baptism of Adairy Rodriguez Contreras with
Elder Fallentine & Elder McEwan
Things here are going so very well!!  I have learned so much and I have grown so much spiritually!!! Elder Fallentine is doing really well with the language, he has learned so much!!  The baptism was very spiritual on Saturday, so that was really good!!  Adairys was very excited, and she was also confirmed the next day, so that was very cool!!  The weather is the same as always here, super hot and humid!!  I am going to be transferred tomorrow, not sure where yet, but I am finally leaving my first area!!!
Last day eating with La Meya

So I got a new thing, it is called a foro in Spanish, but it means case in english.  It is for my spanish book of mormon.  I custom designed it, and had a guy in our ward make it!!  That was cool!  I was super happy about it!!  I will send pictures of it later!!!  It is navy blue leather by the way!!!

So my big suitcase got broken a while ago and I am not sure if I told you guys!!  It got stepped on in the CCM. When I got ready to leave, it was not really usable. I did the best that I could and got it here. Just thought that you would want to know!!  Good thing that I have the duffle bag that those people brought with my eagle project stuff in!!  So I have just been getting laundry done so that I can go to a new area and not have to wash for a while!! I also bought a new razor, because I was out of razor heads!  The gillette heads here are really expensive, so I bought a different razor that you use single blades, because it would be cheaper!!  It is hard, but I love it!!  I am a real man now!!

Elders being transferred from Los Girasoles
So the investigators are unknown to me in my new area, but the old ones are doing really well!!  Manuel is going to be baptized soon, so hopefully I can still go to that!!  He is very ready to be baptized!!

National Cemetary

This area has taught me so much!!  We had some difficulties, some struggles, but this area taught me to love the people and to work hard, and the Lord will take care of the rest!!  I truly am going to miss the people of Los Girasoles, and I am looking forward to when I can come back and visit them!!!

I love all of you guys!!  I hope you are all getting some letters from me soon!!

What a beautiful city! I am VERY blessed :)
Elder Garrett McEwan

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