Monday, February 10, 2014

Called to a Certain Place for a Reason . . .

Elder McEwan is doing great! He has been in his first area of Los Girasoles since he left the MTC and is loving it. He's hoping this transfer will take him to the "campo". This translates to the "field" in English and when I asked him he said it means "out to the JUNGLE!"

Dear Family,
I am so glad that you all are doing so well!!  Seems like things are doing just fine back home in the good old USA!!!
So this week has been really good!!  All of our lessons were really good, and the peopole are doing really well!!  Today, we also went to the Botanical Gardens again... Pictures of that coming soon!! It was fun, really long, and a little sunburned, but it goes away in a day, so it is ok!!  
So for our investigators, we still only have the two that are progressing,  Manuel and Adairys. Teaching these people has been a very humbling experience for me...  They both are very intelligent, and hard workers!!!  It is a very strong testimony to me that the Lord calls us to a certain place for a reason!!  Maybe these two people were waiting just for me!!  Manuel has been wanting to change his life for a very long time, and now is finally doing it through the gospel of Jesus Christ!!  Adairys has been going to church every week for over a year, but was always to scared to talk to the missionaries because they never talked to her!!  So cool to see all of this hcange in the lives of 2 of God´s children!!!!
Manuel is doing super well!!  He is reading all of the material of the church that he can get his hands on!!  He has read the whole Gospel Principles Book, so that is super crazy!!  It is like 300 pages long!!  He understands every thing that we teach, he loves us, and he is genuinely changing!!  His problem was with alcohol, and he has not touched alcohol in 4 weeks!!  I am so excited for his baptism!!  Only one more week to wait!!
Adairys is so cool!!  She knows a lot, and she already has a strong testimony!!  I love teaching her, because we do it with a member family, so the ward is being involved with this!!  Pretty sweet!!  She will be baptized the same day as Manuel!!!

Things are going really well here.  I had an intercambio with Elder Darby, and that was fun!  We are all still together as a house, but are anticipating that this will be our last transfer together as a house!! We are all anticipating that I will be transferred, and I am hoping to go to the campo!!  That would be awesome!!
Well, I am going to send those pictures now!!  I love you all!!!
Elder Garrett McEwan   :)

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