Monday, February 17, 2014

31 Lessons This WEEK . . .

February 17, 2014

Dear Family,
It sounds like you are doing very well!! Dyl, nice work on the Book of Mormon!! I finished it for the second time in spanish on Valentine´s Day, so that was really cool!!  I have the goal to read it 8 times on the mission, so I am just starting out still!!  Pork, congrats on the first date!! Now that you got the first one out of the way, nothing is holding you back  ;).  Mom and dad, I am glad that work is going well, and that you guys are doing your part to help the mission work grow back home!!  EVERY MEMBER IS A MISSIONARY!!!

So this week was good, we had 31 lessons, so that was good!!  We finished teaching Adairys all the lessons, and she was presented in church to be baptized!!  She asked me to baptize her, so I am very excited to do that!!  Our other baptismal candidate, Manuel, went out of town and didn´t tell us, so he wasn´t able to be presented in church!!  So that is sad, because if I get transferred, I won´t be here to see his baptism :(.  Just part of the work!!
So we found a girl named Madalyn, who is 19 years old.  We were teaching one of her neighbors, and she was present, asked us to go to her house, and then we taught her!!  The very next lesson, she was asking what she needed to do to join this church!!  That was really cool!! She accepted a baptismal date, so that will be lots of fun!!!

Well, this keyboard is really annoying and doesn´t function right, so I am going to end here for now!!  I have some letters written to send!!  They do not celebrate President´s Day, and I think that I will be transferred!!

I love you all!!!
Elder Garrett McEwan

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