Monday, November 4, 2013

Adventures in Los Girasoles . . .

November 4, 2013

Dear Family,

Things here are going great! I am continuing to work hard, and trying my best to help the people here as much as possible!!

Any way, now on to the investigators.

Amaris and Genesis are going to be baptized the 16th. This weekend was Stake Conference, so we had to move it! They were sad, but the continue to work hard to be ready. Genesis asked me if I would baptize her, which was super sweet of her. She is 9 years old, and is very nice!!

Enmanuel is continuing to grow!! He has come to church now 3 times in a row, and has put off work, trips, etc. in order to go!! He has great faith!! He even is going to the ward priesthood fellowship meetings during the week!! It was cool to see how much he has progressed!! He will be baptized on the 16th as well!!

La Familia Suarez is in a weird situation right now. The mom and the dad are unmarried, and they will not be married. They have been together since they were 15, and the dad has cheated on the mom since then. He has been married 3 different times without the mom knowing about it, and he did it to try to gain US citizenship. He has children with all three women. Only the oldest daughter, Angelina, is theirs together. So that is a mess. Then, Angelina is going through a divorce, so that is weird to try to help someone through that!! But, she has a very strong testimony, so hopefully her and Lourdes and Anabelle can get baptized on the 30th.

Dominguito and Raquel just need to be able to have sundays free off from work!!

Nerd District of the Past -- Elder McEwan, Elder Pedersen,
Elder Thomas, Elder Gallindo
Today, me and Elder Pedersen went on some adventures. He is in my same group, meaning he went in the field the same time as me!! We are getting to be good friends. But we walked into the jungle area, and then took pictures. Swung on some vines out over a river!! Super fun!! Then we told all these kids that were ages 12 to 18 that we would play baseball with them!! That was super fun, and now I can talk about anything about baseball in spanish!! We played with them, and they were really good!! Super fun, and our team won!! I hit a homerun, a double, and a single in 4 at bats. That was good. They kept asking me, ¨¿Tu has afirmado con los Medios Rojos?¨ Have you signed with the Red Sox? Haha super funny, but they see an american playing baseball and they assume that they are from the MLB. But that has been pretty much my only experience with baseball so far!!

Also, we might be moving this week!! Hopefully we will be, because the house we are in is one of the worst in the mission... No one has aever taken the time to try to find a new place. I decided to look
for it, and we found one!! Hopefully we can get it, and have a better place to live!!!

Well, I love you guys so much!! I am sorry that you are going to miss the gorge!! And it is funny that you guys all wore my baseball uniforms for Halloween. I hope that Yuki is enjoying his time there, and that he can learn some good stuff from you guys!! Love you all!!ç

Elder Garrett McEwan

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