Monday, October 28, 2013

Adventures of the Week . . .

Dear Family,

This week has been really good!!! It is good to get all of your pictures and such from you!!! I also want to see what our new Japanese brother looks like when he gets there!! Too bad about the whole cycling thing, maybe we can change his paradigms!!!

So the mission is going well. We had an intercambio within our district, so I was with Elder Thomas. He let me lead the lessons, which helped teach me a lot. My spanish is really coming along nicely, so that is a really cool thing to see. The Lord continues to bless me greatly as I serve, and I am so glad that I have been able to learn so easily.

I have been unable to watch the World Series, for obvious reasons, but it is kind of funny that my two least favorite teams are in it!!! The people here all want Boston to win, because David Ortiz is Dominican. They like to sit in the Colmados, drink and watch baseball all night, with music on super loud!! THe music is not nice bachata, it is called Dembo, and it is a loud rap style... so annoying because they have big sterio systems!!!!

We have to move the baptism dates from the 2nd to the 9th, so that the girls can be introduced in church this week!! But it is ok, we can still teach them more!! Their names are Amaris and Genesis, ages 13 and 9!!!

All the investigators are the same, doing really well!!

Enmanuel was an interesting lesson this week... I was with Thomas, so I was leading it. I was teaching about the Spirit, and I taught him how he could receive an answer, using I think it was Moroni 7;16 and 17. It was cool, and I taught him that we pray like we pray through a telephone. We don´t say what we need to say and then hang up, we need to wait to listen and receive a response!! I challenged him to pray on his knees always, and to wait!! He did it, and when we went back with Galindo to teach, he said that he liked what I said, he tried it, and he received his answer!!! SO cool!

Dominguito and Raquel are getting baptized on November 30th!! They finally decided to get married!! It was cool, because Galindo told me that there have been missionaries working with them for over a year straight, and it never clicked. He said that maybe they were just waiting for me. That hit me pretty hard... Maybe they legitimately were waiting for me, and that there are more out there waiting for me specifically!! Such a great experience.

So Galindo and I were contacting an area yesterday that neither of us have ever been to!! It was super far out, and not many houses. We saw a mansion, and it was one hundred percent abandoned. We could not understand why no one lived there, because it was super nice!! We walked in the garage, and looked at the wall. There were all these super weird symbols and letters in weird patterns on the walls, and none of them were words... we decided to go in. I was in front, because he was a little scared. I got to the threshold of the door, and I felt super strong to turn around and leave. I turned to him and said ¨Come on, we are leaving.¨ We start walking out, and he goes all weird for a second, and goes ¨I really really really want to check that place out.¨ But I could not shake the feeling I had, so we left. Just felt evil. We left, and I slowly felt better the farther away we got. We talked to the ward mission leader later, and he told us that there were two men that lived in that house that were doctors, and that they got excommunicated from the Church for some evil things that they were doing in there!! Glad we listened to the Spirit and didn´t have to encounter something creepy or bad!!!

To be honest about Christmas you don’t need to send me anything. I can get most things here that I need. If you want to, probably just money in my account! The problem is that with a package, it will come out of my weekly money, so if that happens, that means I get less money... Like about 800 pesos (20 dollars) less. That doesn´t seem like much, but it is, and it will come out the money I get. I can buy stuff here to open on Christmas day. Also, the people in Customs just took stuff out of Elder Galindo’s birthday package... Like all the candy was opened...SO I don’t know!!!

Love yoU!!

Well, that was my week!! I have also been getting ties and such from other dying missionaries that I met and they liked me, so my tie collection is pretty substantial!! SO cool the brotherhood that we all have. I also got a letter from Sister Miller in the ward, the Ward Newsletter, so that was really cool!!!

I love you all!! See you next week!!

Love you all so much!!

Elder Garrett McEwan

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