Monday, November 18, 2013

First Baptism in Los Girasoles . .

It's been said before, but it's so incredibly awesome to see the growth in Elder McEwan in such a short time! The hope of most parents is that their children will recognize the truth and develop their own testimony. So grateful for the opportunity both of our Elder McEwans have of serving the Lord in their missions at the same time! We are definitely blessed!

November 18, 2013

Dear Family,

Things in the DR are super interesting right now. We don´t have many investigators right now,  so we are trying to use all of our resources: We contact, we try to get referrals from members, and we have started using past investigators from the area book. SO that is where we are at right now!!

My First Baptisms in Los Girasoles
Amarys' and Genesis' Baptism (with Elder Gallindo)
So Amarys and Genesis were baptized this weekend!! SO cool!! I loved it!! I just got down in the font, and I just felt so calm, so at peace. I said the prayer, and baptized her!! The next day, I confirmed Genesis in sacrament meeting. It wasn´t until afterwards that I realized... I had never heard the baptismal prayer or the words to confirm anyone in spanish, and the words just came to my mind perfectly...? The gift of tongues is amazing!!!

So Enmanuel is going to be baptized on the 30th. He just had some things that he wanted to rid of. His old girlfriend came back, and just wants to get her out of his life!! SO he was a little compromised emotionally, but he is still strong, and still came to church the next day!!!

So on the 14th we went to McDonald´s for Elder Le Fevre´s birthday!! So fun!! I had a new kind of McFlurry, a Hershey´s Cookies and Cream!! Super Good!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PARKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SO I have been working hard still, and I am doing my best out here!! Kind of sad, but Elder Galindo will most likely be transferred with the December 2 transfer because he has been here for 7 months. But we have been good friends, and hopefully we will still get to be friends!!

Dylan – Yes, I work out with the other Elders every day. They call me the “Hulk”. In fact, they gave me a Hulk sticker to put in my scriptures. I love these new brothers of mine J.

Thank you for checking on my account to make sure that I’m okay. I don’t have to use it a lot but want to keep on top of it. Thanks for all the support!! It means so much!!


Elder Garrett McEwan

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