Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Lord's House is a House of Order . . .

November 15, 2014

Dear Family,

Wow, things seem like they are going super well for all of you back home!!  Sounds like life is just treating you all great, and that you are all having a great time with all of the school, dating, work, and activities that you are all doing!!  I can not believe how fast the time is flying by!!  It just seems like we were at this point LAST year, and another year has already come and is on the way out!!  Pretty crazy, but it is the reality!! 

Any way, sorry that this email is coming in the night time...  The thing is that there is just always so much to do!!  I still have not had an actual PDAY here in my time in the office!!  The only PDAY thing that we do is email, but we work like a normal day!!  It is definitely interesting, and something that we are going to work on because I have a very firm testimony that PDAY is a needed part of the week!!  So we are going to be better about that!

So this week we had the special visit of the President's daughter in law and grandson.  She is from Germany, and speaks English and German, but no Spanish.  We didn't really see them a whole lot, but it was cool to at least meet them.  I had no idea that the mission president's family could visit him while he is serving, so that was an eye opener.

This week we have also been working super hard on a couple of things to help make the mission better.  The first thing is the part that Paulino is in charge of, which is the Zone Leader Binder.  It is a binder full of the things that a zone leader needs to do to fulfill his calling.  It talks all about the meetings that he needs to attend, the meetings that he needs to have in his zone, activity ideas, etc.  It should hopefully help us out a lot to be able to strengthen our zone leaders and strengthen our mission!!  The next part is the part that I am in charge of, which is the Assistant's Binder.  It is full of everything that we need to do to be good assistants to the president.  It talks a lot about the transfers, and I am outlining and organizing all of that stuff about the transfers so that everything can just go perfectly and that we won't have any problems in the transfers.  We are almost finished, so that will be nice to have that out of the way!!

Also, we had an interesting experience this week...  The assistants from a mission in Argentina wrote a letter to the president, directed to us, asking us what we are doing to have such great success in our mission.  They said that they heard of the success of our mission, and want that same type of success in their mission.  It was really amazing to know that the missionaries here in the Santo Domingo West Mission are making such a big impact.  It made me super proud to be a part of this mission. 

So the teaching has been going about the same as usual...  We are trying to teach who we have, and help them to progress.  Right now we have a new person named Amelia who is really cool.  She is 19 years old and is just finishing up high school.  She works a ton, so we have to meet with her at like 8:30 at night, but she accepted a baptismal date.  She told us that she prayed about what we have been teaching her, and that she has never felt the way that she felt in that moment.  It was amazing to listen to her say that, because in the lessons up to that point she had seemed pretty disinterested in the message.  But, after she received this little answer, everything gave a 180 degree turn!!  I am hoping that she goes to church tomorrow so that she will be able to reach her goal of baptism and have a true conversion.

I also was finally able to get my hair cut today...  And I finally found a place that does it nicely!!  I was so happy!!  It costs more money, the guy took about 45 minutes to do it, but it is so worth it!!  He legitimately cut my hair, with scissors and everything!!  It was very refreshing, and I am very happy with how I look!!  About time that I find someone who can cut "Pelo Bueno"  ;)

Well, so that was basically my week!!  Hopefully in the upcoming week we can have a little bit more to share that will be a little bit more interesting!!  The office life is a different kind of life, but I am going to try to change that because I miss being out there working and teaching all day!!

I love you all so much!!  Have a great week!!

Elder Garrett McEwan  :)

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