Sunday, November 30, 2014

Christmas Initiative . . . "He is the Gift" . . .

November 29, 2014

Dear Family,

It has been a really busy week this week, with some new fun things!!  This week we were able to call 2 new missionaries to be in the office!  We know have Élder Peña and Élder Girón here in the office, with Peña as my new comp.  He is from Beliz, and he is also from my group in the CCM.  We were there together and always wanted to be comps, and now we are.  It should be fun.  We both just like to work, so I think that we are going to get along really well! 

This week we have been working hard with the Christmas initiative!  We are doing our best to complete with the goal of making at least 10 contacts with the cards!  We went out, and as the assistants we have the huge blessing of having cell phones with the internet on them.  We took advantage and showed the video of "He is the Gift" to anyone who would be willing to watch it!!  It was a great experience to all of us, as we were able to contact some complete families!!  That was the biggest advantage that we had, because the message of Christmas is most appealing to a family, so it was really nice!

We have also officially started with the next transfers, what with trying to get everything ready and help the president with everything that he needs!! It is a lot of work, but it is really worth it to see how many people that we can help!!  I love this opportunity that I have to serve in this position!

We also were able to help a man in our ward move!  We had to make a bunch of trips in the truck, but it was fun!!  He gave us lots of advice for after the mission, as well as for marriage!  It was good to see his point of view of it, because he has been home for about 2 years now and has been married to his wife for like a year now.  It was fun, he is a good guy, and he is also the son of one of the counselors in the mission!!  It is a little sad that he is not going to be in our ward now, but he will do fine!!

Lately we have been working a lot with all of the people on the Book of Mormon.  We want all of them to know about it and o have very strong testimonies!!  It is a little funny because sometimes they do not understand the difference between reading and studying!!  A lot of the people read, and they just open the Book to where ever they feel like and just read one verse and close it!!  Others just read the same part over and over and over again to try to memorize it!!  Others try to look for the questions that we could possible ask in the lesson to try to have all of the answers!!  It is a testimony to me that we need to really be fully committed to the daily study of the scriptures, and actually studying them!!  The Book of Mormon is a story, and like all stories it needs to be read in order to be able to be understood completely!!  It also needs to be read often to be able to have it fresh on our minds!!  It needs to be marked and written in to help us to have the knowledge that we acquire on hand at all times!!  I never really understood the ability that the Book of Mormon has to convert people!!  It really is the difference maker, and if we want to convert ourselves even more, we need to read the Book of Mormon!!

So all of the investigators are doing well, just trying to help all of them to progress!!

The fun different thing that we were able to do this week was that we had Thanksgiving with the President, His Wife, and the Carters.  They are a couple that are friends with the Nuckols, and came to visit them for Thanksgiving!  So on Thursday, we worked until noon, and then we went to the president's house.  We sat down and began to eat!!!  It was turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, salad, and rolls!!  We also had pie!!  It was just an overall amazing day!  Then that night I went out on an intercambio with Elder Jensen because his comp, Elder Jardon, was feeling a little bit sick!!  It was a lot of fun to just get out there and work!! We taught some lessons, and it was really good!  One lesson was a little bit difficult though...  the woman told us that she didn't believe in the Book of Mormon at all.  She was very rude and disrespectful, and the thing that made me the most sad was when I shared my testimony and her and her daughter just laughed in our faces about it.  I was not very happy about that, so I pulled out the Book of Mormon to 2 Nephi 29 and read to them what it says about the bible.  Then I had them look up in their own bible John 20:30, and had them read it!!  It was super funny because they said that the bible has everything, so then to read a verse in the bible saying that it doesn't have everything was super funny!!!  Hopefully it was enough of a wake up call to help them to keep giving the Book of Mormon a chance!!

Well, that was the week!!  Everything is well here!!  I love you all so much!!


Elder Garrett McEwan :)

P.S. Also, if you send me a package for christmas, can you send me an Anatomy and Physiology book in both english and spanish?  That would be a great help, and the President has given me permission for that to help me with my spanish.

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