Monday, September 22, 2014

The Work Moves Forward . . .

September 22, 2014

Dear Family,

Thank you all so much for all of the pictures and emails and support!!  It really makes it a lot easier to know that I have such a great support group back home!!!

So Elder Gallo is going home on Wednesday, so this whole last week has just kind of been saying good bye to everyone and making sure that our people stay active in the church!!  I am doing well, a little stressed right now, but fine!!  I am actually here in barahona, saying good bye to an old area of elder gallo! But things are going well, just getting ready to get Elder Castillo from Honduras! Elder castillo has about 10 months, and is coming from San Juan.  Elder Gallo said good bye to you too!!  Elder Gallo and I are sharing a computer....

Overall it was a really good week, packed full of getting to know new people as well as spending a little bit more time with some people that we have come to love a lot!!

Well, the Meetings for church in las Charcas went really well this week, with an assistance of 22 people.  I really am hoping that this will continue to be a normal thing, because we are hoping to have a little rented building here soon!!  I also feel like that will be a good motivator to people.  It will let them know that we are still here, and that the church is trying to be strong in Las Charcas!!!  Also,  we are hoping that more and more references will begin to spin off of the new converts that we have, as well as some less actives that we have!!  For example, a man named Duber is beginning to reactivate himself and his wife, and he is doing great!!  He recently gave us the reference of his two children that live with his ex wife, but they are going to move in with him!!  They are 14 and 12 years old, and they came to church for the first time this last sunday!!  They loved the church, so hopefully they will continue to progress!

We also recieved the step father of Nayelis as a reference!!  He is a member of the Pentecostal church, but we are hoping that the example of his daughter, as well as his mother in Law Carmen, will help him!!  His whole family are members of the church, a lot of them are inactive, so we are trying to help all of them at the same time!!  It is a little rough, because he fights against the spirit alot, but it is super interesting to teach him!! 

So this last sunday we were able to confirm Edailin, and that was really good!! Also, we gave Wilton a tie, and he came to church in slacks, a white shirt, and tie, and looked like a life long member!!  It was such a triumph to see how much the gospel has changed his life!!  He has also given us a bunch of his cousins as references, and we are also going to try to teach his parents hopefully as well!!  Wish us luck with all of that!!

So the work in la Colonia now is going really well as well!!  I have recently gone into the mode of trying to get a reference from every single person that I talk to, and so far it is working!!  I have decided to put a huge enfasis on working with the members, especially with the recent converts to be able to help keep them active!!  It is going great so far!  There is a member named Hector Manaurys that is really helping us a ton, and we are going to recieve two references from him on Wednesday!! One of them is his brother and the other is a neighbor!!

Well, our most promising investigator right now is Alexis!  He came to the baptismal service that we had last week, and he loved it!!  His one challenge is that he needs to get married!!  He recently got divorced, and needed to pay 200 euros, which is the equivilent of about 350 dollars and about 12000 pesos!!  He really put his faith into action and talked to the lawyer and his exwife.  He got the price lowered to 150 euros, and the exwife said that she would pay 50, so he is going to be responsable for 100 euros!!  We are going to see if we can help him out a bit as well!!

We are also putting together another baptism service for the 25th of October! We have three men that will be getting married so that they can get baptized, and another one that is married already that is going to finally take the step of getting baptized!!   Alexis is the only one of my investigators that will be getting baptized on that day, but the other elders in the district have 3, so hopefully that will all be a success!!  The three investigators of the other guys are all spouses of members, so that will be nice to see some families completed!!  Alexis is also going to hopefully help his wife, Yajaira, to be able to get to know the church!!  She has gone to church before, but goes to the University now on Sundays until December, so hopefully she can change that class!!

We also had our interviews with the President last week, and that was really good, It was fun to talk to him!!

Well, I hope you all have a great week!!  I love you all so much!!


Elder Garrett McEwan

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