Monday, September 29, 2014

Blessings Come When We Follow the Spirit . . .

September 29, 2014

Dear Family,

It is great to hear that you are all doing so well!!  Cool to hear about all of the experiences that you are all having!!  I am sorry that Dylan got a concussion, those are no fun at all!!  Parker, that is great that you were able to ask someone to home coming, I don't know this girl but I hope you have a great time!!  Mom, that would be really cool if you were able to be in charge of the 4H clubs in January, you would learn lots and have a really good time!!  Dad, I am glad that you had fun at your talent show night, I hope you continue to enjoy yourself in this calling!!  :)  Sean, It was also great to hear from you!!  Sounds like your Zone Leader calling is really teaching you lots!!  I am glad that you are getting to know the island well, and having a good time!!  Do you get to drive?!  If you do, I am super jealous!!  I haven't driven in a long time, and I think maybe I have forgotten how!!  JK HAHAHA

So this week on tuesday I recieved a new companion.  His name is Elder Castillo, and he is from Honduras.  He has almost 9 months in the mission and completes a new month the same day as me, the first day of every month!!  It has been fun so far with him, and we are hoping that we can find lots of new people to be able to teach!!

Just a great P-day!
This week was a really good one, and I learned some new things!!  On Tuesday, we were supposed to go to Las Charcas, but with the upcoming transfers and everything, not knowing when my comp would come, I cancelled that trip and decided to capacitate members at night!!  Well of course, nothing went according to plan and my comp, instead of getting there at 5 in the afternoon like we thought, he got here at 9 in the morning!!  Ahh, and we had no citas and had told everyone that we would not be able to go by them on Tuesday!!  So with no citas planned and a cancelled trip to Las Charcas, we went to the house.  I decided to do something new, and I came up with something that I call the Scripture of the Day.  We chose a scripture and came up with 3 questions:  Who is speaking, what does it teach us, and how can we apply it to out daily lives!  Then we set out to teach every single member that I know!!  We started off, and the response was startling....  The members, just about all of them, started to cry.  They said that they had been having a hard day, or that something had happened in their family, and they just needed a little bit of support.  They loved that us as the missionaries took time out to show them love as well!!  It was a really good day!!

Acting out a battle of history
Hermanas acting out a battle of history
Wednesday was great, as we were able to introduce my new comp to all of the recent converts that we have in our area of La Colonia!!  He really liked meeting all of them, and is exciting that we get to help keep them active!!  We capacitated Hector Manaurys in his calling of Family History Coordinator, and then he gave some lessons to the recent converts about family history.  It was a great experience, and we were able to have very spiritual lessons!!  The people are super excited to go to the TEMPLE!!

Dropping a bomb!
Anyway, this Sunday was a good Sunday as well, as we are trying to progress even more in Las Charcas.  The branch president of La Colonia came, as well as his counselors, secretary, and the Elders Quorum President.  They were a little tiny bit awkward, and didn't talk a whole lot, but it was good to have them there to support the people!!  WE also determined that there are 5 people in Las Charcas that will be given the priesthood in 2 weeks, so that was amazing!!  We are trying to help them grow, and they are all progressing really well!!  I had to speak again, because a young woman that was supposed to speak from La Colonia didnt make it, so I had the privilege to speak again.  It was good, we had a really great time, and every one was really happy!

Riding the canon with Elder Cisneros and Hermana Duran
Today, Pday, I got to meet the two new sisters in my District.  They are Hermana Padgett, from Springville, and Hermana Rivera, from Guatemala.  It was Hermana Padgetts birthday, so we got together and played  some futbol, ate pasta, drank soda, and ate a dominican dessert that I made, dulce de batata con leche!  It was good, like carmel, and it was a lot of fun!!  We also took some pictures in the park, and got quite a few weird looks!!

Anyway, everything here in Azua is going well!!  I am loving it out here!!

Love you all!!

Elder Garrett McEwan

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