Monday, April 7, 2014

Experiences that Teach the Missionary . . .

April 7, 2014

Dear Family,

I am so glad that you are all learning so much and helping the gospel move forth more and more everyday!!  I am so happy to see that you are all working hard, and having fun!!

So now on to the week!!!  We had the english class on tuesday, and we played Trashketball to enjoy a little bit more the class!!  It went well, until my comp started messing with a member kid, who is autistic.  I told him to stop and continued to teach the class.  All of a sudden, my comp has thrown this kid in a headlock, and is fighting him!!  I was the only person who saw that part, then the kid pushed my comp, and my comp yelled at him, calling the attention of the class.  We ended the class, and left!!  I was super mad, because my comp was telling everyone that the other kid started it, but I was watching it the whole time, and he started it!!  I told him we weren´t leaving the house until he called the President, and he wanted to fight me too!!  My district leader told him that the two of them were going to stay in the house, and I left with Pedersen!  We did the intercambio, went to the houses of their investigators, talked, went and saw the country club, and then went home!!  Also, we talked to the kid´s family and they told us that they weren´t mad at us.  Found out that my comp was leaving the area, so yeah.  Here we are today, a week later, a threesome companionship.  I am getting a new comp tomorrow!!

So during the week, we just went around to all of the other guy´s investigators.  We went and visited mine, told them the situation, and moved on!!  We set citas with them when we could, and did our best!!  It was a different experience for sure!!!  I learned a lot about patience, not judging people, and the love of God, and the Atonement!!!  It was overall a good week!!

So on to the investigators!!

Dari;  We lost contact with her for a while because she was working as a live in maid, but she quit, and I am going to start teaching her again!!  Hopefully she will be baptized by the end of this transfer!!  I saw her in the street and she ran right up to me and told me that she wanted me in her house as soon as possible to teach her!!  SO amazing to see a person who wants the gospel that badly!!!

Beyilin:  She is going to finish up in the university soon, meaning she will start to go to church again, and she will be baptized as well!!  We go by and read the BOM with her a lot, and she is in 1 nephi 14 or something like thatªª  Hopefully she is getting a testimony of this amazing book!!!

Alex and Jackeline moved, so we are going to give them as a reference to someone, not sure who yet!!

Esmeralda and Yasmín...  still not reading, but they are reading the bible a bit, so at least they have faith!!  That is the place to start for sure!!!  :)

We also have a lady that is really cool!!  She is a perfume maker, and she get´s the bases of all these big name perfumes for cheap!!  She gave me a little bottle of a mix that I made of Aqua Di Gio, and two types of Pacco Rabanne.  She liked it so much that she is going to sell it in her store!!!  We have taught her a few times, and she wanted to talk about the law of chastity, so we did, and she understood it, and then we left!!

I also bought a new memory card, and will be trying to send home lots of pictures!!  Here’s a picture of me as proof of the new memory card. I hate the haircut, the almost mohawk/missionary mohawk was a lot better!! Did you guys ever get the package that I sent!!?  Also, where are you guys sending the packages that you send me?  Elder Clawson asked me to tell you the address, make sure that it is this one!!

Elder Garrett McEwan
C/ Hatuey 73
Urb.  Los Cacicazgos
Santo Domingo, Republica Dominicana
I hope you get it soon!!

I love all of you, and can´t wait to see you all again!!  Keep working hard!!

Elder Garrett McEwan  :)

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