Monday, March 24, 2014

Always a Bright Side . . . Sometimes You Just Have to Look . . .

March 24, 2014

Dear Family,

I am so glad that you are all doing so well!!  It is always nice to here about all of the amazing new things that are happening back home!  Congrats to Khristian about the mission call, that will be a way fun place for him!! That’s good that you guys get a spring break. I wish that I did J. What a waste of time for you to go to chuck-a-rama, haha, jk! I want to go there really bad! But we do get to go to Wendy’s tomorrow. We don’t really have restaurants, just all fast food!!  Everywhere makes chicken, rice, fries, and stuff like that.  Lots of like fast chinese food!!  I wish we had an actual restaurant!! I had to pay the gas this time because the latin comps just want to save their apoyo, so I had to spend 500 pesos.  THey all also want to eat less, so I have to try to find some way to suplicate it!"!! Dylan -- Send me some of your egg salad alejandro. Haha J. We make chicken, rice, fish, pork, pasta, pancakes, waffles, eggs, omeletes, all types of stuff!!! Sometimes I just want a cheese quesadilla, but tortilla shells are expensive, and so is cheese! I can’t believe that third of my mission has just ripped by!! Sometimes it is a little rough for Elder Sanchez. He is the only member in his family, and he is 26, so it is hard for him.

So this week started off not good!!  I got home from using the computer on Monday, and was not feeling good.  Fought through it and went out to teach.  Came home and went immediately to bed, and did not sleep at all!!  I had a fever of 104 degrees and was in and out of the bathroom all night, more than ten times!!  So sick to my stomach, and my entire body just ached!!  I woke up the next morning and didn´t eat.  Got ready and went to the english class and spent the whole time in the bathroom.  That was just a nightmare.  Went home from that and went to bed, not eating lunch.  They called the zone leaders and they told us to stay in the house and that when I was feeling better that we needed to go get a stomach test done at the clinic.  I still had a raging fever and was super achy, still not having eaten in a while.  SLept all day.  The next morning, wednesday, I woke up and was fine?  What the!!  They thought that I had amoebas or dengue or something, which are at the very least 3 week illnesses, and I was fine the next day?!  Super lucky!

So we had another mission activity this week, and this time it started 2 hours late, and it was a trial... The branch leaders showed up late, and then never got it going!!  It was very hard.

I also finished reading all of the books in the missionary library, when I finished Jesus the Christ and Our Legacy this week!!  I was very happy!!  Next, the standard works are the goal, and I want to read all of them before I go home!!

I also finally like cold cereal again, which I hadn´t like since way before the mission!!

The investigators...  are down to zero progressing.  Literally, there is no one to write about.  THere are the ones that I wrote about last week, but they are all in the same place...  also the church attendance is really down.  Please pray for us, that we can find people that legitimately want to listen to us, and change their lives, because I want to help these people in this area more than anything!!

On the bright side, we are going to the temple tomorrow, so I am super excited!  We have all day at the temple, then we are going to go eat at Wendy´s!  Who ever thought that Wendy´s would be such a luxury?

Well, that is all for this week!!  I love you!

Elder Garrett McEwan

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