Monday, March 10, 2014

Prayers & Pizza Friday . . .

March 10, 2014

Dear Family,

Congratulations to all of you on such a great week, what with the dance, the choir stuff, the championship, the work, the banquet, and everything else!ª!  Also, everyone´s rooms look super nice, so congrats on that as well!!!  I love you all, and hope that you are still doing well, and by the looks of it, staying super busy!!!

So now I will start in on the week!!  My area is super cool!!  We went to Burger King and ate as a district, which was super fun!!!!  We had a zone meeting and found out that there are 5 out of 16 missionaries in the zone are from my CCM group!!  SO that was cool to reunite with some of them for a few hours!!! Also we have a missionary activity every week in the ward, and we watch a movie, and invite investigators and less actives to come and participate!!!  I have also decided that I am going to continue the tradition of pizza friday, because I can buy a pizza for 150 pesos across the street from my house, so I am going to keep that tradition alive!!

So on Sunday, the branch president came to me and asked me to speak in sacrament meeting... just to remind you guys, sacrament meeting was going to start in like about 3 minutes and it was my second sunday in the area....But I did it, and it went really well!!  I was able to talk about the prophets, and I filled my whole time with out notes or anything!!  Everyone was dead silent, and listened so well!!!  It was a truly amazing experience!!!

SO my investigator that I left in Los Girasoles, Manuel, got baptized on Saturday!!  I asked the president if I could go, and he told me no...  So I was pretty sad!!  He really was one of my favorites to teach, and I taught him for such long time!!  Hopefully he goes to the temple in a year so that i can go with him!!

So now on to the investigators!!  Right now we have a couple but they do not come to church!!  We have Beyilin, who is what we like to call a dry member!! She is just waiting until she can get baptized!!SHe is amazing really, a 22 year old with a super strong testimony of the gospel!!  She reads in the Book of Mormon a ton!!  She is going to be baptized hopefully in April!!  We also have Dari, the lady I told you about last week!!  SHe is the haitian lady, and we are working super hard with her!!  She is amazing as well!!!

Will you all please pray for us??  We need these people to come to church, so they can feel the spirit!!  I know that this will help them!!

I love you all so much!!  Sanchez is doing well, and he is helping me a ton with spanish!!  We are going to try to start an english class, and the first class is tomorrow in the morning!!  Pray for that as well!!

Love you all!
Elder Garrett McEwan

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