Monday, December 2, 2013

Lots Going on in My World . . .

December 2, 2013
This has been a long, yet fulfilling week!!  With the transfer ending, I feel reinvigorated for some reason!!  So I have been working hard, trying my best to get a good relationship with everyone that I see!! I think that is the most important part of the mission work.  The people here have very skewed perceptions of Mormons, because their churches teach them false doctrine about us!!  I just want to help them see that we are the true church.  So a new strategy that I am going to try is to tell them that if I get a hit off of them in a game they call batilla, then they have to listen to our message!! Hopefully it will work well  ;)

So Thanksgiving was cool.  The Clawsons, a senior couple, came and did house inspections.  We spent that whole morning cleaning, then they came.  I got a letter from Dylan, Stefani, and Grandma Ockler, so that was a good surprise.  We ended up making enchiladas and beans, so that was good.  Just had a pretty regular day, and just relaxede until it was time to go out.
On Friday, we had baptismal interviews.  We went by to see if Enmanuel was there, but he wasn't....  Weird... Then, we finally find him, but we are super late.  We get to the Chapel, and the other missionary's baptismal candidate isn't there... weird...  Enmanuel has his interview, is found worthy, and we leave.  Pretty normal day, went to the Priesthood meeting that night, then helped a lady move.  All of the people from the ward we just standing around watching me and Galindo move the stuff, so that was weird...  The end.

Next day, we are having baptisms...  Enmanuel tells us something that happened, and we were taken off guard.  We called President, and we determined that we need to wait a little bit of time, at least a month.  Very sad, but it was ok.  Hopefully he can stay firm as we continue to pass by and everything.  We went to a baptism in the area of Los Angeles in the night, of the neice of La Meya.  La Meya is the person we go eat lunch with on Mondays, so that was cool.  This girl, Carolina, is super cool, and very ready to be baptized.  The end.
Sunday, we had three good lessons, then went with the other missionaries in our district to a going away party for Thomas.  We were there for a long time waitng for the food to be done cooking, but it was still an experience.  Came home, and found out that Galindo is getting transferred.. :(  We will know the companion situation tonight when we call the Zone Leaders.

Now, on to the Investigators!!!:  Crismaldi, Brian, and their Grandma are doing super well!!  The grandma, a super heavy Catholic, just told me yesterday that she wants to be baptizede???  What??!!  So crazy!!  She is going to be baptized on the 5 of enero, and her grandkids on the 14 of diciembre.  So cool!!
Enmanuel did not go to church on Sunday... we are going to go by tonight and try to see what is up!!

Stacy, a girl we started teaching last week, is progressing well.  She has read two folletos, and is reading the book of mormon!!  Pretty crazy, but she is doing a lot of stuff to fing out for herself if this is true!!  SO cool!!!
Alberto is a very educated man, but hasn't been to church.  He knows the Book of Mormon is true, and just needs to go to church!!!

I also received the letters from the Primary children and am in the process of answering them back. Thank you also for sending me all of those missionary stories. I read them all the day I got them, and I think we will also be using them in devotionals or something like that.
Elder Thomas will be going home this week. He has his homecoming this Sunday in Genola, but that is all I know. Hopefully you guys will be able to meet him.

Well, this is my report!!  Still working hard out here!!  Missing you lots!!  Love you so much!!  Think about you all the time!!
Elder Garrett McEwan  :)

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