Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas Concert, Training, Teaching . . .

Garrett is used to being able to email at the same time every day. However, it was a couple of hours later today. The work of the mission is moving forward quickly. So wonderful to hear how important it is to Elder McEwan to "get out and work." Absolutely love this boy :).

December 9, 2013
Ok, so this is really later than usual, but we had our christmas concert today.  do not mind my lack of punctuation and errors because i am trying to do this fast so we can get out and work!!

So to start out, everything is going well here!!  I am training a new elder named elder fallentine.  he is from utah as well, and is one day older than me!!  So that is cool.  We just had our best week overall in the mission, so that was cool.
One cool experience is that I fellt like a book of mormon prophet preaching to the muiltitudes.  We were in a new area, and these guys called us over.  WE were talking, and there got to be a group of over twenty people.  I offered a prayer, and we taught, and taught, and taught!!!  Gave some pass a long cards and pamphlets, and set up a return cita!!  SO cool!!  I felt like alma in the book of mormon!!!

Dad, Mom, Parker, and Dylan – I hope you like the gifts I sent home for you with Elder Thomas for Christmas. Mom – I hope you like the nativity. Now you have a Dominican nativity to add to your collection! I’m also glad that your surgery went well.

I will write a letter with more detail this week and send it on Friday because I have had some very cool things happen this week!!  I love you guys so very much!!

I love you, have to go, but love you forever!!!
Love forever,
Elder Garrett McEwan

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  1. He sounds great. What a blessing that you get to have "two" amazing missionaries at the same time.