Monday, October 21, 2013

Awesome and Humbling Week . . .

Dear Family,

This has been a really awesome and humbling week!!  I have grown so much in my patience, my understanding of the gospel, and the love that my Savior has for me!!

First, I want to start off with church.  The average number of investigators at church in the mission for a companionship is 2 each week....  We just had 15 this week!!  Huge number!!  8 have a baptismal date for this month,  2 will most likely have one for the first week of December, and then 5 inactives!!!  So cool!!!  I was in charge of a group during the investigator class, a full family of investigators  (La Familia Suarez).  So amazing!!  A little awkward, because I had to teach a group of 19 to 50 year old people about chastity, but still good ;)

So first, for progressing investigators,  we have the Suarez Family. They are progressing well, and have now gone to church twice.  Their baptismal date is on the 16 of november!!  The dad, who had previously not been sharing with us, went to church this week!!  We just had a lesson with him, and we just went off!!  Back and forth through the Bible, the Book of Mormon, and Testimonies...  He just didn´t understand how the Catholic Church and their baptism was wrong!!!  SO funny!!  I then asked a super blunt question:  Do you think that babies who die will go to heaven?  He said yes.  I then asked him to show it to me in the bible, and he couldn´t, because such a scripture doesn´t exist.  Then it clicked!!  SO spiritual!!!

We lost Marius, he is being deported back to Haiti because his visa is expired... we are trying to help him contact the missionaries there!!!

Then we have Amaris and Genesis.  They are going to be my first baptisms!!!  SO good, so ready to be baptized, and they really want to grow in the church!!!

Next we have Enmanuel. He is about 23 years old, and has a lot of questions.  He believes that Joseph Smith is a prophet, and the book of mormon is true.  He is so smart!!!  He really has a desire to know for himself!!  He also gave me a movie, called  Prueba del Fuego, or in English, Fireproof..  I obviously can´t watch it, but just to see the joy on his face when he gave it to me was priceless!!  He has a fecha for the 16 of november!!

Next we have Marcel.  He used to own the convenience store across the street from us, but he sold it..  He knows perfect english, which is a little weird!!!  We taught him in joint english and spanish, and that is super cool!!!  He gets it!! and the best part is, he is ready.  He wants it!!!  So cool!!

Rapquel hadn´t been to church in a while, what with work and everything. SHe works 3 jobs, and Dominguito works all day at a colmado (convenience store).  But, she was there, and she is trying to
be ready to be baptized!!!

The inactives are Nicauries, Josefina, Nicauries´s Mom, Yulekis, and Hilary.  We have worked very hard with them, and they are going to church now!! We treated them like new investigators, and now they have testimonies of what they didn´t believe before!!  Everyone says that reactivating someone is as good of a feeling as a baptism, and I think that it is!!  I feel really good!!!

So I cut Galindo´s hair the other day with only scissors...  THAT was an experience to remember!!  It looks alright!!  On a scale of one to ten, probably a seven.  It was super fun!!  I also got my hair cut
professionally, and it looks sweet!!  The guy was going crazy, so that was funny to see.

I have purchased the camera, and been taking pictures!!!  It is hard to send pictures in email, but I will send the card home in like 3 weeks, if that is ok!!!  Also, I bought some protein powder here.  I
just am not getting enough foodj!!!  Our weekly money is not much, and food here is expensive!!!  But yeah, that was good!!  I just figure that I can get things here, rather than have you guys send it to me!!! That is easier!!

I love you guys so much!!  I have not yet worn the pants, because the tailor is making them!!  The picture I sent was of the fabric and the ties!!  They will be done in two weeks!!

I love you guys so much!!!  I pray for all of you!! Keep doing what's right!!!


Elder Garrett McEwan :)

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