Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Work is Progressing . . .

May 5, 2015

Dear Family,

Well, this week was full of contacting, but this time we were able to have a little bit more success.  We found a couple of new people who seem like they are really interested in learning more about the gospel.

The first is Cami.  She is a reference from the other missionaries in the house.  They contacted her, and she lives in our area, so they told us about her.  She is 16, but came to church this week, so that was good.  We still haven't had a lesson with her because we can't find her house!  We took her address down, and we have found the street, as well as the number.  We contacted all of the houses and couldn't find her, so we contacted the whole street...  Still can't find her.  Called her phone number and it didn't work, so that wasn't good.  We are hoping for a miracle right now!

Next we have Alberto.  He is a really humble guy that is really anxious to learn more about the gospel.  He talked with us and told us his life story.  He is a young guy, like early 30s probably, but he was really awesome.  We are hoping to meet his wife this week!  He also asked us a super funny question.  He asked if we were from the CIA, and we said no.  Then he told us that he had heard that because people told him that we were looking for Osama Bin Laden!?  That was the first time that I heard that, so it was super funny!

The final person that I think will be really cool is Yeni.  She is cool, and actually thinks about what we say.  She said that after we talked about prophets, she had a dream about prophets!  Kind of funny, and lots of Dominicans think that it is like revelation, but she just realized that it is something that interests her and that it has been on her mind.

Yesterday was Labor Day here so the internet places were closed. I appreciated the Bishop letting me use his little tablet to let you know I would email today J. I hope that all is well!  Sorry that this one is kind of short!


Elder Garrett McEwan

P.S. I'm excited to talk to you all for Mother's Day. I'll be calling on Monday since we go to internet places and have to pay.

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