Monday, August 18, 2014

Testimonies of the Truth . . .

August 18, 2014

Dear Family,

Wow, it sounds like you are all doing amazing right now in life!!  Crazy to think that the summer is now over, thatt school starts this week, and that for me, it is always summer!!  Even though there is no ´´Summer Break´´ for the missionaries, I wouldn´t have it any other way!!  By the way, congrats on the new phones!!  wow, tecnología has changed a lot since I left...  those are like the thickness of a piece of paper!!  :)

Any way, things here in Azua are going really well!!  We looked at a house, and it was huge and super nice, with four bedrooms and three bathrooms, and a nice gazebo out back!!  We want to move in to it, but they told us we have to find a house that is brand new...  I am going to try to call the president tonight because we need to move...  We have been having to buy purified water to shower because we haven´t had any!!

Any way, all of the investigators are going well!!  We had some good experiences this week, lots of testimonies of the truthfulness of this gospel!!

So Alexis has been trying for months to get baptized, but he couldn´t!!  He wanted to get married to his girlfriend, but she told him that she wouldn´t marry him.  He put his faith to the test... and separated from her!!  It is sad to see them separate, but amazing to see that he took the advice of Christ, and left behind everything that would prohibit him from his Salvation!!  He truly is amazing!!

We also have a woman named Claribel that separated from her boyfriend for the same reason!!  It just goes to show the importance of the gospel and the family, and how we need to be united as a family in the gospel, because if we are not, we can never be truly happy!!

So Mercedes, an investigator that I told you guys about, presented us to her grand daughters that she is raising!!  She is basically their mother!!  ANy way, she has such a strong testimony of the gospel that she committed the grand daughters to be baptized with her!!  It was crazy, because she did it like a missionary!!  She didn´t force them, like she could have as their legal guardian, but she invited them, and they accepted!!  Crazy to see how much she has changed her life!!

All of the other investigators are doing well, working hard, and we are working really hard with them to reach their baptismal dates!!  We have really focused hard on the book of Mormon!!  I encourage you to continue reading to be able to change you life as well!!  :)

As far as the Coke goes...  Yes we do drink it, but I don´t buy it!!  I only drink it if someone gives it to me, because I am trying to eat healthy!!  I haven´t bought it since I was with Fallentine in Los Girasoles, my first area!!  But the people here love it!!  We also have an elder, Cisneros, who is addicted!!  He is from Nicaragua, and there is a huge factory there, so it is super cheap, and he drinks more coke than water!!!

We also got a new Elder, Elder Alvarez from Mexico.  He is cool, and has 20 months.

Well, I am going to end here!!  Love you guys!!


Elder Garrett McEwan

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